Professional Hair Stylist & MakeUp Artist
                                             Since 1998

          The Woman Herself Cutting Edge Stylist, Marina Gutsch is well sought after for her professional skills for creating chic, sexy, and creative looks. With over 15 years of experience under her belt, Marina Gutsch is beyond a doubt, one of the best makeup and hairstylists around! Located in the beautiful downtown Santa Rosa area and owner/lead stylist of Marina's Hair Studio, Marina is determined to bring the beauty industry to a new level. She has also built a worldwide Hair Studio service that brings her and her talented hands to many dancers for them to look their best center stage at Swing, Country, and Ballrooms Dance Conventions all over the US. Marina is a true professional who gives 100% of herself every day to her clients! She Knows All hair types, textures and stays up to date with the latest styles and trends for Men, Women, and Children. If you're looking for a stylist with experience - look no further. Marina's talents are not confined to hair alone. The multi-talented mother of two also has a passion for dance and ability to share that passion. The woman herself, Marina Gutsch is a wonderful example of how far passion, determination, and dedication can take you. Her pleasant personality combined with her commitment and love for her work has made her what she is today, a success in her own right!


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